Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

Episode 18: Gingerbread Men!

January 21, 2021

In the first 2021 edition of Deep Dish, we take a look at a beloved Christmas cookie, and find out why they're so associated with Christmas!  Are gingerbread cookies medicine?  Which came first, gingerbread loaves or gingerbread cookies?  What connection do these wholesome cookies have to Roman orgies?  Listen now to find out!


  • A brief discussion of our New Year's Resolutions and the new foods we want to make in 2021.
  • Learning about molasses and that time it killed 21 people... in absolutely the last way you'd expect. 
  • Queen Elizabeth I set the bar really high in the area of impressive treats for guests!
  • Story time as we review the fable of the gingerbread man, Shrek, and a random video game series from the Amiga days.  
  • Defending a Taco Express Plus in Selden, NY from 1-star review trolls in another Review Roast!

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