Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

Episode 7: Lemonade!

August 20, 2020

Deep Dish is back! After our brief hiatus to collect feedback, we've returned with our best episode yet. This week, we discuss the surprisingly ancient history of lemonade! Where did lemons come from? What's an ade? Your answers await!


  • Lemons actually originate from a cool, old lineage of citrus fruits that sound like something from a shonen anime!
  • Erik and Meg are in an incredibly anti-government mood thanks to an unfortunate letter from the IRS. Where's Ron Paul when you need him?
  • On that note, Erik and Meg officially decide they hate the federal government more than annoying children.
  • The origins of pink lemonade in particular would make everyone with a foot fetish proud!
  • Another edition of Review Roast takes place, defending Brickhouse Brewery & Restaurant of Patchogue, from review trolls... some of which sound like they were written by an 18th century playwright, bizarrely.

Next week we'll be focusing on one of the truest summertime treats that exist, though strangely only in America! These toasty, campfire favorites are simple, yet satisfying. Think you know what it is? Write in or comment with your guesses, and if you're correct, we'll give you a great bit shout-out in a future episode!

Until then, stay hungry!

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