Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

Episode 16: Chili Con Carne!

December 3, 2020

In this edition of Deep Dish, we investigate the pinnacle of Tex-Mex cuisine, chili con carne. Learn about how it came out of the complicated history of Mexico and Texas, before spreading to the rest of the U.S. 
This week, we also bring on a special guest for the very first time in Deep Dish! A longtime friend of the show, Patrick R., a born and bred Texan, shows up for the latter half of the ep to tell us all about how much Texas loves its chili.


  • Chili peppers have been farmed for almost ten thousand years, which is crazy to think about! Take that, paleo diet!
  • Despite its reputation as a Texas treasure, chili actually has a surprisingly international origin story? South America, Spain, Texas, and even Germany all played a part in its creation!
  • Ghost peppers are really, REALLY freaking spicy. 
  • Modern chili has a bunch of different variations ranging from the pasta-paired Cincinnati Chili to Sonic the Hedgehog's favorite, chili dogs. 
  • We debut a brand new Dessert section game, "Pokemon or Medicine?"'s exactly what it sounds like.

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